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Best Flats to Wear to the Office

The every day everlasting question: should I wear heel or flat for work? Women have a love and hate affair with high heels. There’s something magical about your pair of Marilyn Monroe favourite stilettos, but ladies, they hurt, and unfortunately, cause serious damage to our bodies. Studies have shown that wearing ill fitting uncomfortable shoes everyday, in the long run, not only cause issues to your spine, foot and knee, it also prevents your body from healing properly, affect DNA and cancer prevention, due to inflammation. You can avoid problems and damage by wearing flat(ter) shoes every day. It’s more practical and comfortable, in general, and especially for job environments that require longstanding hours or lots of movement. If you must wear a heel (sigh), we've included a few office appropriate pairs that feel better and can withstand longer hours. Do your body a favour and invest in a quality pair of stylish, comfortable shoes!

Yengo’s tips for better office shoes!

  • Try a roomier shoe. Don’t wear super narrow, pointy toed shoes. By giving your toes more breathing space, less pressure is placed on your toes when you’re standing upright. You’ll also prevent bunions and neuromas.
  • Shoes with straps are good. Try a pair with an entirely closed toe as well
  • Stick to heels that are two inches and shorter. Better yet, wear an entirely flat shoe that gives support, and allows for a “rocking motion.” Alegria shoes provides anatomically correct foot bed arch support loaded with soft memory foam and cork that molds to natural contours of your feet. 
  • If you’re going to wear a heel, find one that is stable and provides solid walking movement. Don’t wear wobbly heels that feel like you’re going to tumble in them. Skip them, and find a pair that provides the support you need for healthy feet.
  • Be imaginative. Invest in different pairs of flat shoes. There are many fashionable choices ranging from the androgynous menswear oxford shoe, mary jane, or the classic boot. Each pair will bring a professional sheen to any office outfit.



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