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Shoe Shopping: In The Online World

Online shopping continues to flourish as shoppers shy away from traditional brick and mortar stores. It is obvious we enjoy shopping anytime, anywhere; but what else do we value when surfing websites? The research team at Yengo wanted to understand just that. During the first week of February, Yengo conducted an online survey to dive deeper into understanding shoe shopping preferences.

Here is what we found.

  1. Shoe Envy Exists.

Let’s face it ladies, guys are not the only thing that receive our double takes. I am talking shoes. Ever had a pair of beautiful shoes stroll by that you just could not take your eyes off of? That is what I like to call – Shoe Envy – the desire to possess or walk in another’s shoes. If you have ever experienced this – you know what I am talking about - and are defiantly not alone! According to our research, 50% of people admitted that they had experience shoe envy in the past 30 days.

  1. Top Valued Features

Shoes: There are many reasons for purchasing a particular pair of shoes; fit, colour, comfort, price, material, style, ect. I have a closet FULL of beautiful and practical shoes, which I love – but it’s rare I can find one which I can rate a 10/10 in every aspect. Our research suggests that the most important features when buying shoes are: Comfort (32%), Quality (25%) and Fit (22%). Of course, this is based on the typical shoe purchase – after all, I’m confident that there are women out there who would join me in sacrificing some comfort for a dress to impress occasion.

Website: Contrary to current thinking, most people are not looking to online stores, like Yengo, to provide you with same day delivery, or the option to pick up their purchases in person. I found this shocking as I expected these to be two of the most desirable features of any online shopping experience, especially given all the recent media coverage highlighting many e-commerce sites making these integral parts of their strategy. Instead, the top three features were: knowing the total costs before checkout (94%), Items on sale (92%) and having a large selection of shoes (90%). What website features can you not shop without?

  1. Breaking the Bank – For Shoes.

Women who really love to shop understand that there is nothing more enjoyable than splurging on the latest labels. Often, the price tag is glanced over – because after all, does the price matter when you have just discovered a pair of shoes that you have rationalized to yourself that you need - you know, the one that matches that handbag you bought last week? It is inarguable that many women justify their footwear purchases. Our research found that for the right pair of shoes 25% admitted that they would break the bank. Typically, when purchasing shoes, shoppers spend between $50 and $99 on a new pair of shoes.

Shoe Shopping In The Online World Infographic

Shoe Shopping In The Online World

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