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How to Pack for a Spring Getaway!

Got your tickets in hand and ready to hit your chosen spot of paradise? Whether you’re the early bird, or last minute packer, Yengo has a list of ideas to help you pack for your Spring getaway.


Decide what you’re packing. Always write a checklist of basics and necessities. To avoid overflowing jammed luggage, there’s also an easy formula for the amount to pack. Just pack three tops for every bottom, since pants and skirts take up more room. Most people can’t tell it’s a repeat outfit, if you vary the tops. For a weeklong trip, pack one dressy dress for dinners, two pairs of shorts, one cute sundress, and three bras. Bring items that you know you love, rather than endless alternatives that will bulk up the luggage. Instead of folding each item, roll them up to save space.

Colour scheme

Try to bring neutral colours for basics, and a few bright shades. Prints are great because they cover creases. Maxis, tunics, leggings and t-shirts are versatile because you can wear them from day to night. Bring a snazzy printed or bright scarf and one statement jewellery piece for accents. Better yet, plan your wardrobe around shoe colours. Sandals and espadrilles are great for the beach. Remember dressy flats for more formal dinners and bring walking shoes, or a great boat shoe for a stroll around beautiful scenery.

Avoid bulky clothes; bring lightweight material made out of polyester, elastane and spandex. Jeggings and stretchy jeans are lighter than the usual denim. Also, try to pack layers you can remove. Bring cashmere cardigans, or a woolen shawl to throw over your shoulders, or consider a roll up down Uniqlo jacket for cooler climates. For the beach, bring your favourite one-piece swimsuit and hit those waves!

The essentials

Always pack sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes. Make sure the SPF is higher than 30 and contains UVA and UV protective elements. Toiletries bags should have tooth paste, floss, conditioner, lotion, and make up. Don’t forget extra contacts and eyeglasses. Lastly, bring a mini first aid and sewing kit.

Extras: tips for the family

  • Bring zip lock bags of various sizes. The smaller ones to store snacks like pretzels or raisins. Larger ones can hold a double set of kid clothes, just in case
  • Duct tape is essential to any fix it up situation, or to quiet proof walls
  • Bring power bars because oftentimes there will be waiting periods with no food.
  • Cleaning agents/ detergent. Sometimes it’s easier to wash things by hand and dry overnight.
  • Bring a power strip for all your electronic devices and extra chargers.
  • An inflatable ball is always great for exercise in the hotel room. It’s also a fun activity for the kids during down time, or waiting time shuttling from one place to the next.
  • Ipads are great devices to watch movies, read books and play games on apps.
  • Quick dry pants and clothes, so they can be washed in the sink and dried quickly


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