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Yengo's Must Have Esska Shoes!

Esska-late to great style & comfort! FREE SHIPPING on all Esska shoe purchases over 99$

What’s in a shoe? We've said it before and, we'll say it again, high heels are transformative. They bring an immediate poise and grace to the wearer. You stand straighter, your limbs are more fluid and like a ballerina, you sway your hips and walk on balls of your feet. You're a little stronger, confident and beautiful. But, with all things beautiful, it often comes with pain….and, in this case, sore feet.

Esska shoes combine a love for modern chic aesthetic with comfort, a no small feat.

Esska shoes are stylish, colourful and architectural, with a touch of nostalgia. They stand out from a crowd - strong, individual and unique- but will last beyond fickle trends. You’ll wear them season after season, They will be among your fashionable favourites.

 Our Must Have Esska Shoes

Esska Ghost sandal is a true classic. The attractive asymmetrical layered straps add interest and the stacked mid heel guarantees all day comfort.


The Esska Jeon high heel with a padded insole is a dream. Dazzle with a pop of intense colour! Comfortable for all day wear.



Bring on the 70s. We love the minimal and chic throwback of Esska Gale. The contrast piping is striking and the stacked mid heel allows for all day comfort.


Want a true show stopper? Clean, minimal, and modern, the Esska JInx  works with summer dresses and slacks. Wear them casually or dress them up for a true, elegant feel.



Bring your summer wardrobe up a notch with metallic shimmer. A great party shoe,  Esska July sandal's heel comes with a padded insole and adjustable ankle strap to ensure you’re comfortable all day and night long.

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