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Yengo's Top 5 Healthy Desserts

Have a sweet tooth? Want to indulge in sugary sweet goodness, but do it in a healthy no guilt way?  We understand, uh huh, and have searched the world wide web wide for delicious easy desserts that will satisfy your cravings and keep the waist line down. After all, we all deserve a little sweetness everyday.

1. Healthy Marbled Banana Bread

There are always extra ripe bananas in our kitchen, and this a great way to use them in extra yummy way. Each slice is under 200 calories, and the swirl of chocolate makes for a delightful sinful treat.  It also uses whole wheat flour in the recipe.

2.  Crunchy Peanut Butter Thins

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.18.01 PM

Thin, crunchy, delish! We're a sucker for peanut butter at Yengo, and these cookies are great and healthy alternative! They contain chia seeds, a great source of 3, and can be found at any health food store or online!

3. Angel Food Cake

Here's a classic! Can't ever go wrong with a lemony light cake. Here's Alton Brown's twist on the deal.

4. Vanilla Lemon Berry Parfaits

Easy, yummy and pleasant on the eyes. This recipe mixes vanilla pudding with low fat yogurt for a flavour explosion. Great for the last minute desserts or the summer patio.

5. Fudge-y Cream Cheese Brownies

This recipe is not only perfect for the kids, but appeals to the inner child in every adult. Scrumptious, gooey and chocolately, the cream cheese topping elevates the everyday brownie.

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