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Yengo's Top 5 Mother's Day Fun Gift Ideas!

Hi Yengolistas!

Want to surprise mom with a delightful and unique gift?  Yes, beautiful cabbage roses, jewellery and spa days are the tried and true classics. This year, bring the wow and fun factor with our top 5 picks!

Penguin and Fish Animal Embroidery Kit

Perfect for any crafty mom with nimble fingers, the adorable embroidery print offers a choice of  a winsome giraffe, spiky hedgehog, cute zebra, rainbow jellyfish or rascally monkey. The kit comes complete with everything you need to dress up a onesie, t shirt, pillow case or wall art!

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Want to play pretend Mozart? Musical wine glasses are the perfect party trick. Amuse your guests as they watch you pour the wine to a particular level and strike a corresponding precise crystal clear music note. With enough wine glasses you can even play a concerto!

3-D Framed Song Art

Commemorate your love to your mom with her favourite song! Each heart has lines of a lyric written on it in grey. Sweet and sentimental, it also looks great on any wall!

Esska Ides

Give your mom the gift of style and comfort! Esska Ides is the perfect minimalist slide for summer days. The trendy slide also comes with an ergonomic raised foot bed and elasticated back strap to ensure all day comfort!

Love you More Pillow

Say it with words. Every mom loves "I love you mom" mugs. Take it to the next level with huge capital graphic letters.

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