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Yengo's Top 5 Rain Boots!


Spring is finally here! Yengo shoes is very excited to present our top five rainboots that will keep your feet dry, comfortable and stylish. But, first a little background, the original rain boots, “wellies or wellingtons” were invented by Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, made of leather, and exclusively worn by the British Aristocracy. Later, in 1850, an entrepreneur, Henry Lee Norris, started the North British Rubber Company in Scotland, and was later petitioned by the British government to produce thousands of boots to be worn by soldiers in the war. From the fashionable aristocrats to the muddy barracks of war, the rubber boot has had an interesting past.

Today, everyone wears rain boots! It’s on the top of the list of anyone stylish and practical, and is a nice finishing touch of any rainy day outfit. Wear with them with skinny jeans, skirts and shorts!

Find water resistant boots, if not entirely water proof with an excellent tread. Dav Luxury rain boots are entirely water resistant with technology that conforms to your foot for the best fit.


Dav Galway Quilted

Dav Galway Quilted Moto Boot

A beautiful, classic equestrian boot with a touch of edge.

Dav Glasglow Boot

Dav Glasglow Chelsea Boot

On trend and stylish, the Dav chelsea boot has breathable elastic sides and waterproof soles.

Dav Bristol Adjustable Boot

Fleece padded, and adjustable, Dav Bristol protects your foot from moisture and is water proof to the top.  Contour fit with its ombre modern shading!

Dav Rugged Moto Boot

Timeless classic moto edgy boot. Goes with ANY outfit!

Dev Essen Boot

Dav Essen is a nice modern elegant take on the classic Equestrian boot. Waterproof bottom with a tough sole.

How to take care of your rain boots.

Keep them out of direct sunlight and heat. Store them in a cool dry area. If they get muddy, clean them with room temperature water and mild soap. Once a month, treat them with a special silicone rubber conditioner to keep them in top tip shape.

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