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El Naturalista

El Naturalista (the naturalist) is a nature-inspired, family owned company which originated in La Rioja, Spain. The brand is recognised for their fashionable, high-quality, comfortable footwear and their commitment to social and environmental welfare.

Dedicated to protecting the planets natural resources, El Naturalista carefully selects natural, biodegradable and recycled materials in the construction of their comfort footwear. By manufacturing in three production facilities within close proximity (within Morocco and Spain), the company is able to minimize transport emissions and ensure greater control and monitoring. Each production plant implements eco-friendly initiatives, such as reduced energy usage, efficient use of resources, waste management, reduced carbon emissions, and rationalized water use.

Social responsibility is an essential part of El Naturalista’s corporate philosophy. The company’s objective is to promote human values and social awareness. Acting on these beliefs, the company dedicates profits to sheltering and educating disadvantaged children in third world companies, as well as collaborates with several not-for-profit organizations on projects related to sustainable development and local initiatives. Some of the company’s current projects include building a warehouse for the fishermen of Miyagi in Japan, creating a chicken farm for children in Tanzania, constructing a Hope House for abandoned mothers in Peru and constructing a canteen in the San Luis de Fonfrede School in Hati.

The footwear collection offers modern silhouettes that will appeal to women who value both comfort and style without being too trendy. From casual flats to chic booties, El Naturalista has shoes that will give you a fashionable look for anytime.

Try A Better Way. Walk through life with respect and care. Explore El Naturalista.

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